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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Bull Pasture

Yes, bull is widespread at Organ Pipe. But first you have to pay homage to the actual organ pipe cactus that climbs up the southern slopes around here. You see, this cactus really, really likes HEAT. This is its northern extent into the USA. You can see why it is called organ pipe vs your average saguaro and teddy bear cholla. I personally think they are land squids, but hey, who am I?

The hike today was another 4.5 miler up to the so-called Bull Pasture. A small plateau where early ranchers moved their herd to winter. I don't know how they got there, because I could easily see a longhorn going over the edge. Carla caught a glimse of a kit fox and I think I saw the back half of a bobcat. We did see a trail crew for sure.

The views from the top and Carla vs Saguaro.

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  1. Enjoying the blog. Keep it up! Glad you're having a good time at Organ Pipe. Hope to see you guys again before you head back home.