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Monday, March 29, 2010

Devil’s Bridge


Deb, Carla and I drove down a very bumpy forest service road to the Devil’s Bridge trailhead on a gorgeous day. We were surprised at the standard cars on this dirt road, more surprised that oil wasn’t splattered all over the road too. We are so happy that we drive a Jeep, and are able to go down these types of roads.  The picture was taken on the climb along the trail.


Here’s Devil’s Bridge, or a 130 foot high arch.


A broader view…


Three amigos…


Another view from the trail…looking northward. There is a golf course in this picture…


After Devil’s Bridge, we bumped down to the end of the road. We then took off up the Dry Creek trail, which takes you up along a stream into a small canyon. Just so happens, the stream was not dry, which made for just perfect hiking in the pines listening to gurgling water.


A curve. The red stone wall was about 90 feet high.


Tracks in the sand…I don’t believe these are a dog. Probably a bobcat? Too small for a mountain lion?

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