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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I did a little hike behind our camp to take this shot of Jerome, up the hillside to our southwest. Jerome is quite a little town with a very interesting history based on mining, tons of money, easy women and wild liquored nights. In fact, the namesake of the town never set foot on the place, but he and his investors became rich. During your research, see what connection this town had with WWII?


After years of near collapse, the town is now a small haven for artists, shopkeepers and assorted other folks…seen here.


You are not allowed to walk down there, but you get the idea. The place reminds me of Galena, IL., just steeper and more compact.


I think you could throw anything over the railing and it would not be out of place.


Most of the shops are up to the left. Highway 89 splits here.


Looking north across the Verde Valley towards Sedona.


That is a cement plant in the distance. Jerome is up the mountain side to the left. Closer in is Tuzigoot. An ancient (well 1100 A.D.) Native American pueblo. The climate was a LOT different back then!


A better picture at max zoom.


A view of our rig with the Verde river below (the green trees) and the town of Cottonwood. Jerome would be off to the right.


A nice shot of one of several lagoons in the state park that Carla took on her walk. Lots of birds. It is strange seeing bodies of water in a high desert.

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