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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Lost Palms Oasis

Today we did a seven and a quarter mile round trip hike to the mysterious Lost Palms Oasis. It was indeed lost. The hike was great, with plenty of ups and downs through washes, a few with narrow chutes. The picture is of San Jacinto Peak, 10,834 ft, looking west. Palm Springs is just below it, land of 100 golf courses.

Some nice man from Vancouver got carried away at the oasis. Yes, those are palm trees in the desert. It was breezy and about 60 degrees.

No camels or large flapping tents with dancing women.
Another Salton Sea shot with less haze.

Since we were speedy on the hike, we went 4-wheel'in for several hours after our showers. This was an old mining road that ran for about 14 miles across the edge of the Pinto plain. Note the atomic blast melt left of Pilot. You needed a chisel to remove it from the ground. Strange. This is a good section of road!

A miner I found along the road...

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