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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oak Creek Canyon


Carla wanted to stretch her lungs out on this day, so she found a one mile hike to the top of the canyon that was strenuous. The hike was north of Sedona, up near the entrance (or end) of Oak Creek Canyon. After searching for a hint of where the trail was along the narrow, twisty road, we finally just parked at the entrance to a Forest Service campground. The map had the trail up the road a bit, so we walked about a quarter mile with no luck. So, back to the Jeep, and there was the trail, just across the road from the parking spot. Bad map…bad.

The trail did indeed start UP right at the beginning and never stopped going up. We eventually ran into some snow about 2/3rds to the top. Above is the view after the 800 foot climb.


While getting back into the Jeep after the hike this Steller's  Jay allowed us to snap a picture.


On the way back to Cottonwood, we zoomed up to the airport, which is located on a high plateau in town. Quite a view.


Sedona has an estimated population of 11,000. I think that many vehicles drive through the town a day, of not more.

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  1. Love the blog. So glad you guys are enjoying yourself. Wish I was with you. The hikes sound wonderful. My ex-boss is building a new home on the outskirts of Sedona and some of the pics you show are similar to ones he has sent me. Thanks again for the card, shirt and call. Enjoy your travels and hikes and be safe. Miss ya.