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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pipeline Canyon


Today was a hike day. Unfortunately, there is only hike in the park, through Pipeline Canyon, four miles round trip. Luckily this hike took us through some nice wildflower stands. Those yellow flowers are California poppies. I noticed that they curl up at night and open during the day. It was cloudy from several overnight showers, and many flowers had not opened by 10 AM. That’s all I know about the flowers…


We crossed a rather deep inlet on this floating bridge. A very expensive floating bridge I might add. You can see out into the lake toward the east.


A close up of flowers, I think there is a lupine in there.


The park and surrounding BLM land have wild burros. We just happened down a gravel road at the right time. They are such an exciting animal…


Just north of the park, the roads turn to gravel and then to river rock. This is why. It was very evident that a flash flood had occurred while driving in the riverbed from the heavy rains of January.


Lastly, this is a shot of our rig and campsite. Chaence, our eldest grandson is a big fisherman, so I bet he is jealous of this.

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  1. Chaence may be jealous of the fishing, but I'm a little jealous of the campsite...how cool to be right on the water!