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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Victoria Mine

Today was a hike day to Victoria Mine, about 4.5 miles roundtip. No mountain climbing, but plenty of wash climbing. When you look out across the Sonoran Desert, it looks relatively flat interspersed with the obvious mountain. Not so. The plains are threaded with washes, some a hundred feet deep. The washes are actually wildlife highways and plant enclaves. A cool respite from the heat, even though they are full of gravel and rocks, just waiting for a downpour to flash flood. For a desert, this place is pretty green. The mine was located to the west of the campground in the Sonoyta Mountains, a small range. The volcanism was a
bit different with this range versus the Ajo range to our east, where very little gold, silver, or lead has been found. As you can see, not much is left of the mine except some open pits and old house remains. It appears that steam power was used at some time. Man's marks on the desert change little over many, many years.

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