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Monday, April 19, 2010

East Mesa Trail – Observation Point


Today was a hike to reduce exertion in climbing 2000 feet above the Zion Canyon floor to Observation Point.  You can do it the hard way, a four mile slog up very steep switchbacks, or the easier way via the East Mesa Trail. You reach the trail via dirt backroads, coming in to the eastern boundary of the park. Hike three miles, and viola, you are there.  Snow was still melting on portions of the trail, which made for some mud and snow tromping. But, the views to the north were super along a portion of the trail.


A zoom into, I believe, Mystery Canyon.


This is the reason for the hike. Pretty awesome, heh? Carla took this shot. I was standing 15 feet back behind her. The image has been cropped a bit, so she was not quite this close to the edge. It is 2148 feet straight down. Zion Canyon in all its glory. That narrow looking mountain, right of center is Angel’s Landing. You can hike up that and walk the ridge line. That is around 1720 feet. This was all made by that small river at the bottom.


Another view, cropped a bit.


One of my shots with a couple of other hikers near the edge. That small elevated plateau on the left is the East Temple. Some haze down canyon where the campgrounds are.


A waterfall off to the north side of Observation Point. As you hiked out to the point itself, you quickly realize you are running out of real estate. A little unnerving for me, but still quite awesome.

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  1. I like the new look on your blog! Looking forward to seeing your pics of Kolob Canyon since we haven't gone yet.
    Jim says he will miss Carla giving him the finger!