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Friday, April 23, 2010

Echo Canyon


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This is a view of Zion Canyon looking upstream to the Big Bend in the river, after a 300 foot climb up to Echo Canyon. This is the same trail that will take you up to Observation Point and Hidden Canyon. A bit past this point, my cliff edge insecurities got the better of me. So, the following pictures are Carla’s with assistance from our friend Debbie.


Its about a two mile climb to Echo Canyon from the valley floor. This is a view of the trail to the entrance of Echo Canyon. I would guesstimate around 1000 feet of vertical. This is the upper portion, with another switchback portion lower.


Echo Canyon is a hanging slot canyon. Hanging in the idea that the canyon is above the valley floor and not directly accessible. In this case, water is flowing.


A shot upstream into the canyon.


Pooling and miniature runoff slot and a much larger slot in the background.


Looking down into the slot…


Debbie walking ahead in the slot with a deeper slot off to the right.


Interesting formations in the canyon wall caused by running water.


Trail over a portion of a slot…


Another view of the canyon…with a slot to the left.


More of the interior…


Water flowing into the deeper slot…


Later that evening we went out for pizza and beer at Zion Pizza and Noodle. Excellent pizza by the way!! Left to right…Gayle, Jim, Debbie, Jan, Ron, and Carla. Ron and Jan are new friends from Indianola, Iowa who full-time in their Lazy Daze. Indianola is about 15 miles from our home. The other three on the left are friends we developed painstakingly over the last year or so, since we are so hard to get along with :)


  1. The pictures look great. Who is that hot midget in the middle of the last photo?

  2. To Chuck and Carla: Great photos!
    To Gayle: I'll second that!
    To Jim: You're mean!