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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kaibab Boondock


We departed Lee’s Ferry Tuesday and drove west on to the Kaibab Plateau. Several miles in, there is a dirt/gravel Forest Service road that heads south and eventually joins with the road to the north rim. We discovered this very nice camping spot on our circuit exploration. You can see a bit of snow from the previous day.


We hiked the road south for several miles, reaching an area that was obviously burned. The trees here are relatively small, about 6-10 feet tall. The road is in the background as are the Vermilion Cliffs. Carla caught a glimpse of a wolf, bobcat, or mountain lion racing across the road ahead of us. She said it definitely was NOT a coyote, bigger. I did not see it. We searched for tracks and found some dog shaped prints that were older however.


A twisted tree…


Our first campfire of the entire trip! The temperature was falling fast and was near freezing within an hour of sunset. This image is for you Adda!

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