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Sunday, April 18, 2010

She’s the Guide…


This person wanted to finish all the easy and moderate hikes in the canyon today. So, we did. We jumped on the convenient shuttle and road six and a half miles up canyon to the end of the road…The Temple of Sinawava.


The “temple” is actually a wide place in the upper Zion Canyon surround by vertical Navajo Sandstone walls before the canyon closes down to the Narrows. A very nice waterfall cascading off a very tall wall.


There is nice mile long river walk after the shuttle drops you off. This is the end of the walk and the beginning of the Narrows. As mentioned before, you hike up the middle of river into the Narrows where the walls converge to as little as 10-15 feet wide. At this point in time, the river is flowing much too fast and too cold.


After that hike we headed down canyon, making a few stops for pictures. On the left is the climb up to Angel’s Landing. That monolith in the middle is the Great White Throne, 2400 feet above the canyon floor. Impressive.


We began hiking the Kayenta Trail from the Grotto shuttle stop. There used to a campground in the vicinity and we believe we camped here in 1987, since it is relatively close to the lodge. This is a view down canyon, as we are up off the river bottom.


As you round a corner, here are the Emerald Pools, upper, middle, and lower in the trees below.


A shot of the upper falls after a short strenuous hike.


Another view of the river valley before heading into the Lodge for iced tea and something to eat!

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