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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Upper Cathedral Wash


As the name implies, this is the portion of the wash above the road. It is more open and exposed, but interesting none the less. Right away, this image conveys the type of terrain, a jumble of rocks into compressed sand/soil. Easily eroded.

IMG_0404 The Vermilion Cliffs ahead.


Higher into the wash, and closer to the cliffs. Note the highly layered rock of essentially compressed sand.


We discovered quite interesting color layering in the rocks on this hillside.


The large rock on the right reminded me of a black raspberry swirl!


The end of the hike, or so it seems. A 100 foot pour-off.


Immediately to the right of the pour-off, these strange reliefs in the wall. The material is almost like a compressed dried dirt. Note the solid blocks of embedded rock along the top of the picture.


A bit more to the right, and there is the way up! We scrambled up toward the left to the next level above the pour-off, watching for snakes of course!


This is the top of the pour-off. Note where the water runs.


This is over the edge…


We traveled up canyon for about another 45 minutes then decided to turn around. Water was beginning to remain in the wash as we got closer to the cliffs ahead. A slot is supposedly close to the cliffs, filled with mud and water.


On the way back, we noticed layers of loose rock at various levels in the walls. This layer happened to be near the bottom. Strange.


We saw this mark on two pieces of sandstone in the wash, maybe a quarter mile apart. I would suspect that it is man-made since its circular, otherwise I have no idea.

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