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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Watchman Trail, Zion NP


Wednesday the 14th we travelled to Zion, coming off the Kaibab Plateau to Fredonia. The views were super, in this case looking to the west at the Hurricane Mountains. Which are the southwest edge of the huge Colorado Plateau.


Our first hike of the stay was up Watchman Trail, punctuated with plenty of Indian Paintbrush.


For some reason, lizards like Carla. They just sit for her. Later in the day near our campsite, a moderate sized bird carried one of these off to eat.


A hanging growth of fern-like flowers in a moist pocket along the trail.


A view looking to the west in the southern end of the park about half up the trail. It was the middle of the day, and the digital cameras had difficulty handling all the light.


Another liz…er, hiker on the trail.


A view of Springdale, right at the south entrance into the park. Shuttle buses can take you where you want to go in the park, and in town for free.


A view up canyon from the high point of our hike.


Later that day we took a bike ride for a couple of miles north of the Visitor Center. The park service built the path along and over the Virgin River, snapping this image of the river from a bridge. If you go upstream far enough, you encounter the world famous Narrows in the park. Unfortunately, (boo-hiss), they remain closed due to high water flows and cold water temperatures.

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