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Random thoughts and pictures from our travels in a LazyDaze motorhome.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seth’s Birthday


The kid in the middle is Seth, and he is now ten years old. He is a diehard fan of Brett Favre, no matter who he plays for. The other two are his brother’s, what a bunch. We got to Camp Branch at Smithville Lake around 3 PM. Got set up at our favorite spot in Loop A overlooking the lake before heading to see the kids about 15 minutes away. Having an RV is quite handy. It provides so many more options!


Here is the whole gang. Chaence is the oldest at 13 and is playing to the camera, he is a Bears fan and a capable video game player.  His passion is football. Caleb is the youngest, and probably the most wild. But, he is kind to animals and other humans, most of the time on the human part. Of course, Carla can not say no to any of them. The gorgeous women in that bunch of males is our eldest daughter, Chantel. The other guy is Steve, we don’t say much about him (just kidding Steve!).

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mozingo Lake


A beautiful site on Mozingo Lake. We had just gotten back from riding our bikes around, checking out the facilities. A very nice park, plus you don’t have to check out until late afternoon!  The lake was built in the early 90s.


A view from below the rig. There were so many bugs smashed on the LD, that I just shook my head and decided not to worry about it. We would have stayed another day or so, but we headed out to Camp Branch at Smithville Lake, about two hours away.


This barn spoke to me while exiting the park. Old barns are rapidly being erased from the planet, a sad state of affairs.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back On The Road!!

We decided that we had enough of working around the house and doing all those mundane things that everyone does every day. It was way over due to hit the road. Sure, there are more jobs to do, but they will be there when we get back. Time to heat up the Michelins and burn some petrol!  First, a football game, then a birthday and then onto Chattanooga!


This is NOT our rig. Our dear friend, Debbie did an overnight with us on her way to Albuquerque.  She has a Lazy Daze rear kitchen, not too many of those models as compared to mid-baths and rear baths. Anyway, her rig is very homey, complete with a dog and cat.  Deb departed by 9 AM as we finished loading our rig for a noon departure to Maryville, MO. It was such a beautiful drive the road had us mesmerized and we failed to take any pictures on the way to Maryville and Mozingo Park. It was the same deal for the game! Forgot the camera in the rig. Our eldest grandson plays for Smithville,MO as a linebacker and fullback. They soundly beat the Maryville Spoofhounds!  Woo-Hoo!


We were impressed with Mozingo Park. A very nice campground about three miles east of Maryville owned by the city. Concrete pads on a downward slope to the lake. Boating, fishing, bike trails, cabins, and a pretty nice golf course too. Electricity and water at each site for $15.