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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seth’s Birthday


The kid in the middle is Seth, and he is now ten years old. He is a diehard fan of Brett Favre, no matter who he plays for. The other two are his brother’s, what a bunch. We got to Camp Branch at Smithville Lake around 3 PM. Got set up at our favorite spot in Loop A overlooking the lake before heading to see the kids about 15 minutes away. Having an RV is quite handy. It provides so many more options!


Here is the whole gang. Chaence is the oldest at 13 and is playing to the camera, he is a Bears fan and a capable video game player.  His passion is football. Caleb is the youngest, and probably the most wild. But, he is kind to animals and other humans, most of the time on the human part. Of course, Carla can not say no to any of them. The gorgeous women in that bunch of males is our eldest daughter, Chantel. The other guy is Steve, we don’t say much about him (just kidding Steve!).

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