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Thursday, October 7, 2010



This is Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain. The mountain was used by both sides in the Civil War. It has an eclectic mix of fine houses crisscrossed with many short and curvy streets. Quite interesting. There are a couple of attractions up here, but are fairly pricey. The downtown area is left of center along the Tennessee River. While touring the two large aquariums near the river, we came across a picture showing a massive flood of the same area in the late 1860s. The only terrain above the water was the ridge line in the upper center to far right. The Union army successfully pushed the Confederates out of this position by crossing the Tennessee to the left that ridge at night. The main battle took place well to the right of the picture. There is an interesting national battlefield here which we had seen before.


Now, we are downtown and inside one of the aquariums. This town has an awesome riverside presence, very well done.


The two aquariums we visited were very well done. One based on the ocean, and the other on rivers. This is a South American Stingray, which I believe is called a Leopard Stingray. Just beyond, there is an area where you can touch stingrays and other types of fish.


Two Macaws, preening each other. They mate for life.


In the butterfly room…


Butterfly and flower…


A South American Owl butterfly. It is bigger than it looks!


Rico taking a dip… (See Penguins, Madagascar)


Not a shark, not a shark…


I took this picture using a flash. After I did it, I wondered if it hurt their eyes. Didn’t seem too. Then I saw the sign saying NO FLASH. These are cute little cuttlefish.


Neat colors of fish and various kinds of sponges and anemones.


See Nemo!


This is BIG crab. It is called a Japanese Spider Crab, and can been as much as 15 feet across.


A poor picture of a shark.


A slightly better picture of small jellyfish. Another tank had a cool display of Walnut Jellyfish, which generate rainbow patterns of light on the edges of their bodies. Very cool, but hard to take a photo of. Think of the spaceship light displays in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


A zoom in of a colorful seahorse.


This is truly a strange creature! It is a Woody Sea Dragon.


A stranger Leaf Sea Dragon! Drifting up…


…and drifting down.


Lastly, a BIG turtle.

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