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Monday, October 11, 2010

Cherohala Skyway


After leaving Harrison Bay SP near Chattanooga we traveled north to Hiwassee/Ocoee Scenic River State Park at Delano, Tennessee. My GPS turned me about a mile too soon and we ended up coming into the park through gravel forest service roads. The Jeep and the back end of the LazyDaze was a dusty mess. Always LOOK for the state park signs! The next day we travelled the relatively new Cherohala Skyway into far western North Carolina. It was a super day out with the leaves turning and awesome views. The roadway reaches up to 5500 feet and was full of motorcycles. A nice walkway in the pic to a slow moving stream where you could watch the trout.


About 15 miles into the skyway, there is a turn off for Indian Boundary campground and lake. A very nice Fish and Wildlife Service location. There is a small beach just to the left.


A view of the lake and beach area from the skyway.


Nice color beginning…


A little more…


Some yellow with a Jeep antenna…


At the eastern end of the Skyway, we made a loop to two destinations that I had stopped at on my AT hike in 08. One is the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) which is located right on the Nantahala River. Here is the footbridge over the river, and is part of the Appalachian Trail.


A look upstream with the restaurant on the left.


And a look downstream…Carla is too shiny here…


This is what people do here besides hike for miles on end :)


The next stop was Fontana Dam, the last stop before jumping into the Great Smokies NP. This is the Fontana Hilton, a sleeping cabin for AT hikers (away from the paying guests :) The dam was built during WWII while many young men were away at war. So, people who worked on the dam stayed near the site in a construction village, which is now a vacation destination.


Carla got a kick at seeing the places were I had hiked, and I certainly enjoyed revisiting them. More colorful roadway with a motorcyclist ahead.


On the way back to the rig we sidetracked a bit to the Bald River Falls.


A nice walkway to a view…


…and another nice view.

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