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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family Outing


We hung around Camp Branch for several days, enjoying the views, visiting with the kids, riding bikes, and doing some light shopping (the girls – not me). The last evening before leaving we had a family outing with some great food and a camp fire. Here is the normal situation with one female and four males. Gang up on the girl time. Dad acts as a buffer.


A good spot overlooking the lake. No trees to speak of in the immediate vicinity. The bike trail is near the water and follows a majority of the eastern side of the lake. At least 8 miles worth, and most of it quite curvy. Getting ready to make some S’mores. After the sun set, the kids played Crush the Carrier. You get to carry a football and everybody tries to land on top of you, in the dark. Gotta burn that energy somehow…

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