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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great River Road


We left the the Rocky Springs Campground and begun our trip north on the Great River Road in far western Mississippi. Here are two large bales of cotton. All bales which we saw sitting in the field have covers on them. I don’t know how much these weight, but a standard bale of cotton after processing weighs 500 pounds, is 54-55 inches long, 20-21 inches deep, and an average bulge width of 33 inches. Now you have party conversation facts.


Another barn, maybe for milk cows?


This was a stretch shot for the little Canon. The Mississippi River levee is behind this house within a mile. This house is definitely on a hill.


We decided to stop at the Great River Road SP at Rosedale, MS. We were the only campers in this 70 unit campground. You can see the shower/restroom facilities are on stilts. We are within a quarter mile of the river. The barges sounded like trains coming down the river with the throaty diesels. Not loud, but noticeable if you listened. The campground needed some TLC.


Here is a view of the mighty Mississippi from an observation tower at the park. It also needed some TLC, trying to get by the raccoon droppings.


Here is one NOW! He jumped into the trash container. We noticed a few parks have removed all trash containers, forcing you to use a dumpster. I think this park should do the same. Trash was strewn about at a couple sites, most likely due to raccoons and lazy humans not doing their job.

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