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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moving Along


We crossed the Mississippi River southwest of Memphis into Arkansas after leaving Rosedale. These are the styles of of bridges I remember crossing into Illinois as a kid in the back of a 1950 Ford. Farmers were working in the flat fields along the river after recently harvesting cotton. They really till the ground here with totally bare soil ready for planting. I only saw one field where no-till was being used. I was also surprised to see a few cornfields! 


We reached the Old Davidsonville SP in northeast Arkansas by 3 PM. The park is near the Black River and the location of an abandoned early 1800s town of Davidsonville. There is a small lake here as well, and that is what you see.


As you progress out of the river plain, you see LOTS of trees.


We were heading to the Current River in southern Missouri, which is a National Scenic River. This campground is called Pulltite, because horses and mules had a tight pull out of the river bottom to the nearby ridge tops in the 1800s. The NPS was graciously in allowing us to stay overnight for no charge. There were only a couple more campers around the distant bend.


The restroom/shower facility with automatic night lights that trip due to movement. That concrete pad is the camper host location.


This is a very popular float river. Carla came here as a kid and floated part of the river. She does not remember this campsite however. The river is relatively fast moving with clear and cool water. A rocky bottom helps. Much of the flow is supplied by underground springs.


This is a view upstream. The load/unloading ramp is to the immediate right. Three canoes came around that dark bend in the distance before nightfall. So, fall is a great time to spend on the river as well. We definitely need to come back and  float this river.


Carla in her Keens, WITHOUT socks. Back at ya, Carissa…

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