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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Old Stone Fort


After departing the Parthenon, we decided to make a few more miles to the Old Stone Fort SP, which is right off the interstate on the northern edge of a small town. Our GPS has been right on in guiding us to our locations, except for this time. It turned us about 400 yards too soon down a road to a golf course. Carla mentioned that she did not see a sign, so we ended up backtracking to the highway and turning in the sign above.


To get to the campground, you have to cross this narrow bridge, load limit is 10 tons. No problem here, but I am sure it eliminates a few Class A’s. This is the view leaving the campground. This is a very comfy park with asphalt pads, water, and electricity. LOTS of trees with room for about 50 campers.


Our site. We did about a three mile hike to the park’s main attraction, which is a large early Indian ceremonial site that had walls surrounding a fifty acre field. The field is bounded on two sides by two different rivers cutting through limestone rock. The rivers joined just below the field. The drop on each side to the river level was around a hundred feet. The walls were built along this edge forming a large rectangle. The remains of the walls are essentially mounds now. A lot of the earthen work has been damaged, believing that they were burial sites and the remains of an old fort. Some archaeological work continues.

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