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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tennessee River Walk


Chattanooga has an eight mile long walk, jog, bike path along the river front. Quite a view here looking north, and very clean. They have numerous restrooms. play and sitting areas, and small parks along the entire stretch. City workers drive up and down its length taking care of thousands of plantings, clearning, and doing security using golf carts. Very impressive.


Another view of the river…


At the end of the bike trail in downtown, you can cross an old bridge that was slated to be torn down. The local people saved the bridge, and now it is a huge draw for foot track to the north side of downtown. Beneath the bridge is this open park area where a performance company was rehearsing for a show later in the day. A lot going on along the river…


Looking back south, the aquarium roofs and a modern vehicle bridge.


There is a rowing center about midday along the river path, these girls had several miles to go yet. Just northwest of the aquariums is a large open field, right next to the river where these long rowing boats were being readied for racing the next day. I don’t understand why those two girls in the back have their hands on their heads.  Maybe to break them of using two arms to pull the oar, or some type of strength training, or Captain May I :)