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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Trace, Day Two


After leaving the first overnight campsite, we stopped at this shady area along a nice gurgling stream. A twenty minute walk along the stream pointed out the various types of trees that grew in this small stream ecosystem along with the various kinds of plants. It is amazing how a short distance away from a roadway can take you to entirely different surroundings.


The Tennessee River was a huge natural barrier for people moving along the trace. At that time, the river was estimated to be about 500 yards wide, and relatively fast. So getting across in one piece was difficult. Here, it is much wider due to flow control of the river. Of course, the Chickasaw Indians ran the ferry crossing once it was established, charging 50 cents per person. A dollar if you rode a horse.


High and dry on this side…


A stream begins here, flowing out of the layered rock.


After reaching the second campsite, we hurried north about 50 miles to the Shiloh National Battlefield. As you enter the park, nearing the visitor center, you come upon this amazing memorial statue. It is by far the largest and most elegant in the entire park, and it is from IOWA!!! The states of the upper midwest supplied many young men to the Union Armies. It is estimated that 35-50 percent of available men fought in the Civil War from this area. You will see many monuments to Iowa at Vicksburg, and at Gettysburg, but I do believe this monument is the most impressive.


This is at the base on the west side.


This darling is on the other side, hidden in the full monument picture above due to the strong sunlight. She is holding a quill in her hand, with beautiful cursive writing on the monument above and to the left of her outreached arm. Our youngest daughter, Carissa, who is an art major, is wondering why her breast is exposed. So, I posed that question back to her as a research assignment. I failed to locate more information about the monument while there, so that is my personal research assignment.


A few cannon for feeling…


Another IOWA monument to her Infantry. Why do you suppose Iowans fought in the Army of the Tennessee?


Engraving on the above monument…


Grant had this river at his backside during the battle. So, he could not just up and out maneuver the Confederates. But, he did have a couple of gun boats sitting here providing bombardment cover.


The tour of Shiloh was a bit fast, since it was late in the day. But, on the way back to the rig, we came across this place. Would you buy a vehicle from this guy? To give him credit, he did have a nice selection of used vehicles…

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