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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Trace, Fourth Day


This the Colonel James Drane house at French Camp, Mile Marker 180.7, which he began construction in 1846. Originally, Louis LeFleur established a stand here on the trace in 1812. A school opened in 1822, which is still in operation. If you look closely you will see a breezeway through the middle of the house once you walk up the steps. This is called a dogtrot, it can be closed during inclement weather. Check out modern plans here... 


A fairly substantial house in the 1840s!


Along the trace there are areas of standing water, especially in Mississippi. Here you will see Water Tupelo and Bald Cypress trees growing together.


You can see how high the water level is normally. But it has been dry across much of the south. Bald Cypress has those knobby support structures as seen on the right tree.




This area used to be a river, until it shifted course. Now mother nature is gradually drying it out, flooding it with more soil occasionally. Eventually hardwoods will take over.


Are these the Bees Knees?


A view driving down the trace, the whole 440 miles is mowed along the roadway.


This is the Ross Barnett Reservoir on the northeast side of Jackson, MS.


We reached the final campground on the trace, at Rocky Springs, which is about 20 miles southeast of Vicksburg. On the inside cover of our Rand McNally was a mention of this fruit stand on the south side of Vicksburg. So, we stopped at The Tomato Place. I had an awesome blackberry/banana fruit smoothie and a great hamburger with home fries. Carla had a medicore BLT. We also picked up a few tomatoes and a jar of peach jam. If you wanted some sugar cane to chew on, they had that too.

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