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Saturday, February 26, 2011

City of Rocks SP, NM


This is City of Rocks. It was formed by a volcanic eruption about 34.9 million years ago with erosion sculpting the rock formations. This view is looking to the south southwest.


A tourist.


This is a view looking north from the south end of the rock formation. You can hike through the middle of the formation, in fact you can crawl all over the rocks if you like. You can actually get disoriented at times.


There is about a four mile trail surrounding the formation. This view is looking to the east. That flat looking terrain in the background is Table Mountain.


A better view of Table Mountain and the distant Rattlesnake Ridge at 7600 feet.


A zoom shot of our Pegasus camping spot on the far north end of the formation. All camping areas are named after star formations.


Isn’t the sky amazing? We are in that formation on the far right.


A close up of our spot. Tomorrow, Sunday the 27th, winds are supposed to switch to the north and hit 50 mph. We may have to move to the other side of that big rock!

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  1. Love your blog.. wish I was along. Take care, and stay safe. Love ya.