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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hill Country Drive


We hit the road looking for adventure, nah, just scenery.  It is quite beautiful here, despite the continuous brown grass. Scrub mesquite and cedar trees abound.


A re-chinked cabin/small barn structure above a nice pond.


We came across this critter while checking out Garner State Park.


A view above the Frio River.


The Frio originates out of the hills in the background. Locales say it is quite low since the area has not seen significant rain in a couple of years.


A large majority of the entrances to ranches and personal driveways are gated. I imagine this is to keep pesky tourists from saying howdy. There are a number of exotic game ranches as well with tall fences. We found this gate to be especially appealing. Imagine if?

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