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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lake Brantley SP, NM


We left Kerrville on Friday heading west on I-10. We had never traveled through this portion of Texas before, and you could tell that it was progressively getting drier as the plants decreased in height. About 100 miles west of Kerrville is a decent installation of wind powered generators. I would estimate several hundred at least, situated on the flat top ridges as seen above. The units are not as big as they are in Iowa along I-80 west of Des Moines, but they do have superior numbers.


There is little camping west of Kerrville until Fort Stockton. We avoid private campgrounds at all costs if possible, so we RON at a nice picnic area not far from the interstate. It was kind of noisy until about 10PM, then it was fairly quite the rest of the night. When you are tired, it really does not make much difference where you sleep! The next day we headed north from Fort Stockton to Carlsbad, NM. There were several dying towns along the way, since there is not much out here except lonely oil pumpers and new oil rigs drilling. By this time, the only plants are mesquite shrubs interspersed with some grass.

As we crossed into New Mexico and gained a bit of elevation, the surroundings became much more habitable with some actual GREEN grass observed in several fields. We drove through Carlsbad on our way to Lake Brantley SP which is just to the north. Carlsbad has a HORRIBLE main roadway through the original section of town, full of small to large ripples in the asphalt. To their credit, they have begun working on it, but it was still a jarring ride.

Our camping spot with the lake in the background if you look hard.


There are a couple of short trails that you can walk around. This one leads towards the lake. I would estimate that the lake is down about 15 feet or more.


Here is a better pic of the lake. That is tall grass out in the water.


A shot of the camping area from down the trail. Can you pick out our rig? Tomorrow we go to the big scary cave, ooooohhhhhh.

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  1. Going West along I-10, it just got drier and drier, brown, not even any roadkill!! Nothing wanted to live there!