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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oliver Lee Memorial SP, NM


After Lake Brantley, we traveled to Oliver Lee SP near Alamogordo via Guadalupe National Park and El Paso. The national park is at a 5800 foot pass along with this impressive piece of rock. After the climb, you descend to the remains of the ancient lake, salt pans. The San Elizario Salt War occurred over the ownership and access to these pans in the mid 1800s.


We arrived at Oliver Lee SP and found this camping spot. The next day we hiked Dog Canyon. There are two “benches” on the hike. The first is at 600 feet above the valley floor, where we took this shot,


and this shot across the Tularosa Basin. Its about 60 miles to those mountains, with the White Sands Monument, White Sands Missile Range, and Holloman Air Force Base in the same direction. The Trinity Site is at the north end of the basin.


An intrepid hiker entering the wilderness.


After three miles, we were near the head of the canyon. This trail is an old Indian trail, used by Oliver Lee in the late 1800s and early 1900s to move cattle to summer grazing on higher ground. There is a stream behind me at the tree to the left.


A shot of his small rock cabin, look hard. The trail passes in front of the cabin remains and switchbacks up the siding in the middle of the picture. You can see a hint of the trail.


Here is the stream in front of the cabin remains.  A nice spot considering it has not rained in two months.


The trail climbs this left siding as I mentioned before. I believe it reaches those rock platforms on the left, then heads to the top of the canyon wall to that notch. On top of the wall to the right is your destination, green grass and cooler temperatures, for a cow. The climb is about 1000 feet in 0.8 miles. We turned around about half up the left side.


A view down valley. You can see the trail on the left, and the top of the second “bench”.


White sands with increasing winds kicking up sand.


Sand Devils.


Heading off the second “bench”.


Sand blown higher into the atmosphere. This occurs practically every day.


A lone pittance of a cloud.


  1. I found yer blog from that Life's little Adventures blog. Ya got a reel nice site, and yer pictures is great. Nilda and me don't paste no pictures in our blog, but if'n I was ta do it, I'd make mine like yers. Hope ya get more reeders an followers cause ya got a good site.

  2. I got your blog from Jim and Gayle. Love your pictures as well as writing. I only got to the 2 mile marker. Sure wish I had kept going.