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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Padre Island National Seashore


We finally arrived at Malaquite Campground just before the weather turned to crap. The night before we remained over night at La Grange which is north of Victoria. If you think hard enough, that town name may lead you to ZZ Top and the Chicken Ranch. La Grange also has an interesting history associated with the Mexican War and the Black Bean Episode.

So now that we are here at Malaquite, the temperatures are in the upper 20s to lower 30s with freezing rain! Didn’t we exit the Upper Midwest to get away from this? Corpus Christi was going bonkers with car accidents everywhere. There are two steep arc bridges in the city which were shut down since cars were sliding backwards down the bridges. This view is out the door with a quarter inch of ice, with the Gulf on the horizon. The campground is surrounded by low dunes, which shutoff our internet and cell access.


After about 4 days of running the generator on and off to stay warm and charge the batteries, we finally got a break and moved to the beach! You can camp on the shore anywhere for free. We opted to stay in the campground with a solid footing and protection from the wind during the inclement weather. Once the sun came out we moved, especially since our neighbors were running generators non-stop. What a HUGE difference!


We also had slow internet and cell access!


Looking to the northeast, you can see three oil rigs. This view is to the southeast with one rig. We both have watched them closely for quite awhile, and have verified that they do NOT move.


I would love to go check one out.


A view of the beach towards the dunes. Beyond the dunes are grasslands.


You can drive on the beach as far as you like. Beyond five miles from the park visitor center, four wheel drive is recommended. But, two wheel cars go anyway. The island is 60 miles long, and is the longest stretch of undisturbed barrier island in the world. Around mile 25 to 30 your travels are halted by a large channel cut.

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  1. Now that's the part of North Padre I never saw! I had only been on the road a a couple of weeks, wasn't towing yet, and way too chicken to drive the rig onto the sand. 'Hope it gets warm enough so you can leave your door open and enjoy the sound of those waves as well....Debbie