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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things on the beach…


I woke up the other day and found this thing LOOKING at me from a short distance. Luckily I was in the rig, otherwise it might have attacked!


A beached tree. The north south curvature of the Texas shoreline and the combination of Gulf wave action directs a LOT of trash to the shore. So much so, that volunteer clean-up days are organized several times a year. Floating trash has been found all the way from Greece. Carla did find a syringe and a needle higher up on the dunes, which we put in a small cardboard box. The park service recommends you not touch medical or hazardous materials, especially 55 gallon drums. We did see quite a bit of sein netting and plastic drink bottles, but no oil slicks.


We see shore birds, but not LOTS of them. Overall, it has been chilly to cold here.


This was a day of light showers, 30 mph winds and higher surf. The breakers start much farther out from the shore line and come farther on shore. We actually moved a bit closer to the dunes to be safe.

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