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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elliot, et al.


This is Elliot. A new friend. Isn’t he cute!


Today was a day of exercise, so Carla and I jogged and walked for an hour in the neighborhood before leaving with our friends for a hike at a nearby Benedictine monastery. This is your greeting at the parking lot. The monastery is near the San Pedro River, and is a haven for birds. There is a birding trail around the grounds as well as a small area for RV camping. They also have an orchard of large pecan trees.


We did not enter the church, but the green plants sure set it off.


We saw this bird on the edge of a small pond. We are not sure what it is. One of our friends thought it might be a Night Heron, but my research indicates otherwise. Any ideas?


Carla snapped this picture after our hike around the grounds, and heading for the vehicles. Living quarters are to the left with the church to the right.


Here is the motley crew on top of a small hill, which is an old cemetery. We had just begun a longer hike near the ghost town of Fairbank, AZ. Debbie on the left, then Gayle, Jim, myself, and Carla.


The grave sites are quite abandoned as you can tell. Only a pile of rocks and remains of wooden crosses. Just like in the western movies.


Even if you had a nice fence and stone, it does not last forever without upkeep.


Mr. Elliot again, getting a bit dry I imagine. He is one hard dog to photograph, moving all the time.


A view downstream of the San Pedro. The river flows north.


This looked to me like a white birch, but it is not. Not sure what kind of tree it is along the river. Definitely not a cottonwood, of which there were many.


A few buildings of Fairbank. The town has an interesting history and remained active well into the 20th century until purchased by the BLM as part of the San Pedro Riparian Corridor.

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  1. Hi Guys....I loved the pictures of my grand baby dog, he is soooo cute. But Debbie is even harder to get a picture of. Heard lots about you guys maybe we'll meet sometime ...Pat Debbie's mom