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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mojave National Preserve


Our overnight campsite was next to an asphalt highway that lead into the center of the preserve. It is usually a better idea to be away from the main highway then next to it. So we checked out a couple of spots for possible campsites as we jogged up the sandy road away from the highway. The next morning we moved to this spot. A small waterway wide enough for the rig and just off the roadway.


We are in a Joshua Tree forest, one of the largest in the world actually. These trees are a bit smaller than the trees in Joshua Tree NP, and are a sub-species.


Those needles are very sharp!



Just up the road is the Teutonia Peak Trail, so we had to hike it!


This is the view after a 700 foot climb. That straight line in the valley is the north-south road to Cima.


This the view looking north, towards I-15.


Turning more to the west, you see the apex of the large Cima Dome, comprised of 70 square miles of granite.


Looking to the southeast as we descend to the road. More mesquite here instead of Joshua trees. Power from Hoover Dam and the Union Pacific railroad travel through that yonder valley.


Strolling to the Jeep…


Another super sunset.

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