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Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Madera…


Our friends were coming to hike with us today, so this is a fitting start. Turkeys moving through the campsite…


and crossing the road…


Gayle usually is the hike selector, but this time, that job fell to me. So we took off up the Four Springs Trail which turns out to be a loop up the eastern slope of the canyon. Unfortunately, it is also a 1800 foot climb in about 2 1/2 miles. Here are the hikers in line, luckily I don’t have audio.


This is a view towards the west northwest from about 6000 feet. The town of Continental is just right of center, which was named after the Continental Rubber Company which used to have a plantation here.


This is the same shot, but zoomed to see the town, but more importantly, Kitt Peak National Observatory, which I am guessing is about 80 miles away. It’s that white speck on the distant mountain range.


To slip off the trail here would not be a good thing. You would roll for quite awhile!


I just love big vistas!


Jim and Gayle chatting with Carla during lunch. We made it to the high point of the climb and will be heading down.


Speaking of down, the trail turned out to be an old jeep road. This section is quite steep and full of ankle twisting rock and gravel. Debbie and Gayle trying not to trip.


An old watering trough, built by the U.S. government actually.


A difference of opinion on which way to go…


A bad day for Jim :) Actually, we are all very happy that he has recovered quite quickly from his surgery and continues to strengthen. I hope this hike helped in that aspect.

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  1. Never did see that white speck ya was a claimin' to be their, but all them other pictures were wright nice. Me and Nilda is gonna have to get out that way again some day. Glad to be reedin' yer blog, and thanks fer sharin' yer adventure, even if ya didn't want us to see that white speck that were there but weren't.