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Friday, March 18, 2011

To The Factory…


We headed out of Madera Canyon with a destination southwest of Phoenix. Tooling north on I-10, we had to stop at Costco in western Tucson for fuel. Carla loves their hotdogs (as does our one and only granddaughter Kate), and I enjoy their brats. You just can’t beat a brat and refillable drink for a buck and a half. At this Costco, you did not have to enter the building to order food, just walk up to an order window at the outer wall. That would NOT work in Iowa.

Our overnight stop was free, which is always a good deal. In this case, it was the Buckeye Regional Park, south of Buckeye. The moon provided enough light for a simmering view of the desert which increased our enjoyment of watching the arrival of aircraft to Phoenix.


The next day we headed to Parker, AZ on the Colorado River. While waiting for traffic to squeeze down to one lane on I-10, Carla snapped this photo of the only stand of flowers we saw in miles. We opted to turn north at Quartzsite. This was our first visit to the town, we were impressed with its size. We also would not want to live there in the summer. Plenty of open space for camping though…


This what you see on your way west of Parker to 29 Palms, CA. A lot of scrub, rocks and dry lake beds. As we approached 29 Palms, we observed lots of small shacks on either side of the road. Some burnt out, and some livable. It reminded me of a homestead rush.


After an overnight in Yucca Valley, we headed DOWN to Palm Springs, I-10 and the San Andreas Fault. That is Mt. San Jacinto on the left with a few of the in-famous San Gorgonio Pass Wind Turbines.


Another view while heading west on I-10. It is amazing what differences in climate can be observed in traveling a distance of 20 miles. Going from desert and shrub to grass and trees was quite surprising. We reached our destination at Riverside, CA which is about 18 miles from the Lazy Daze factory. Hopefully, repairs to our rig will come in under expectations.

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