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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laughlin, NV


The weather improved for us to leave Cottonwood and head for Laughlin. Laughlin is named after the guy who bought the entire area in 1964. Being in Nevada, Laughlin has a number of casinos, which are handy for overnight parking. Laughlin is along the Colorado River, below the Davis Dam.


This is the power production portion of Davis Dam, which forms Lake Mojave, and is one of three major dams on the lower Colorado. Laughlin is just downstream.


Lake Mojave at the dam.




Davis Dam is an earth and gravel dam, the only one on the lower Colorado. One information kiosk in the dam area started with the statement “If you were standing at this location before the construction of this dam you would have been in serious trouble.” Average July temperature is 109 with a max of 125 degrees. This dam is the reason for development.


Aviation seemed to be busy the two days we spent in town. Several flights of T-6s, a P-51 and this B-29 Superfortress were flying. I think there are only two or three B-29s flying in the world. I was really surprised when she passed overhead.

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