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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Salinas Pueblo Missions - Quaria


After getting to Manzano Mountains State Park near Manzano NM, Carla shot this pic of an Abert's squirrel. I wonder if they taste like a fox squirrel?


This is what remains of the Quaria Pueblo Mission, which is one of the four Salinas Pueblo Missions. Pretty decent construction which has lasted for nearly 400 years. Built by females.



The Spanish Franciscans sure got a hell of a lot of work out of these people. Destroying them during the process.


That is the front of the nave, just beyond Carla. Apaches helped along the destruction of these peoples and the Spanish. Equal opportunity bad guys to all.


It is amazing to me, that a friar can walk into a large pueblo, and have the people convinced to build a huge mission within five years, converting them to another religion.


Weather, infighting between the Catholic Church and the Spanish Crown, and Apaches ended it all by 1677.

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