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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Santa Fe, NM


We took a drive to Santa Fe to visit the Loretto Chapel specifically but discovered a couple of other unique structures while there. This is the San Miguel Mission, supposedly the oldest church structure in the United States. Built between 1610 and 1626. Some of the walls were actually built in Mexico City. This was located across a small street from where we ate pizza.


This is the entrance to the Loretto Chapel which contains the famous Miraculous Stair.


The altar area. This chapel used to be associated with a girls school, but was closed in the late 60s. The diocese was not interested in the structure, so it was opened to public sale. A private family purchased it, and it is know a public museum with an attached inn and spa.


The spiral staircase. The carpentry work is pretty amazing. The initial construction lacked the hand railing and balustrades!


Down the street and around the corner is this structure. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.


The altar area.


A closer view. There was a small instrumental group on the left behind the cross draped with the red cloth rehearsing while we were inside. The organ sounds fantastic.


A view of the wall in the small wing to the left of the altar.


Looking from the altar area to the entrance of the cathedral. Impressive.


The exterior entrance doors. I need a pair for our house.


An enjoyable afternoon looking at architecture…

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