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Monday, April 18, 2011

Villaneuva SP


We headed for Villaneuva State Park on Monday, coming in from the south. New Mexico does not recommend tractor trailers on Highway 3 between I-40 and I-25 due to its narrowness and sharp curves in several places. The state park is along the Pecos River, fitted into a narrow strip of ground between 400 foot walls.


This is the downstream view, with camping on the left.


There is a two mile loop trail that climbs the left wall in the first picture to the top and brings you back around the downstream corner in the second picture. This view is looking up valley towards the village of Villaneuva. Those stone walls in the foreground are the remains of Spanish construction. Coronado passed through this very location in 1540 as did several other Spanish explorers later in the 1500s.


Another up valley shot with the meandering Pecos River.


The view from the top.


This is looking down valley. The campground is along that row of cottonwoods in the middle of the picture. That distant pointy mountain top is Starvation Peak, 7042 feet.


A closer view of the campground. There is also a higher elevation campground, which you can see with the structure at left center. You can see the rig in the middle center of the picture. No cell or Internet access here.


Blooming cactus.

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