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Monday, August 29, 2011

Continental Divide, Helena, MT.


After leaving Rainy Lake, we headed for Helena, traveling on Highway 200 and then U.S. 12. Both good roads. There is a good pull up to the Continental Divide around 6300 feet west of Helena that has a USFS campground, which was closed for tree removal. The campground was named after Cromwell Dixon, the first person to fly an aircraft across the divide in 1911. He was awarded $10,000 for his feat, but was killed a couple of days later during an airshow in Spokane. There is an observation area at the top which is essentially a big gravel parking area. The other nice aspect besides the view, is that the Continental Divide Trail goes through the parking area too. The image is looking east into the distant valley of Helena.


The rig, looking east.


Since the trail was right there, we took a hike on the CDT.


This is a section of the trail. We hiked about 40 minutes in before we could no longer stand the biting flies. The flies were about three times as big as a normal fly. As long as you kept moving, it wasn’t bad.


Carla walked up on the knoll behind the rig and took some shots of the setting sun.



Since we were already here, we spent the night. On to Helena tomorrow, for a Costco stop, some laundry, and hopefully an alignment shop to check the Jeep.

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