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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Logan Pass, Glacier NP, MT


We got off to a late start today by missing the shuttle to Logan Pass by 10 minutes. So, we waited another 30. It is not recommended that you drive yourself up due to road construction and no parking at the visitor’s center. In this case, early birds do get the worm.


It is worth the trip. This is the view looking north along the Garden Wall. This was shot just above the visitor’s center.


We are hiking to Hidden Lake, with the start on boardwalk. I overheard a ranger saying that about 800 inches of snow fell here this year. This delayed the opening to July 13th, second latest on record. The record is July 15, 1933, but that was without snow plowing.


Carla took this picture. Of course the goat was smiling at her :)


Looking south along the trail…


Here comes Dad!


Hidden Lake. Yes, there is cutthroat trout in that water.


The northern end of Hidden Lake. You can hike another 1.5 miles down to it.


A different male, but not too worried about people either.


Just super views…


He has the right idea. There was a little girl just left of the picture that was raising a fuss about not being able to play with the goat. Her parents had to grab her to keep her from running any closer. Those horns do look sharp…and he is bigger than he looks.


The visitor’s center is lower left. You can see the road if you look closely.


Where is Billy?


Looking east. In the distance is St. Mary Lake.


I discovered that my hiking boots are for crap in snow. We had our hiking sticks though. My old boots were much better, but they have little tread left.


This is looking north again just below the Garden Wall. This is the road coming up from the west entrance. It is a 1.5 hour shuttle ride. Note the U-shaped glacial valley.


This shot was taken about 50 feet farther down the Highline Trail. It is about an 80 degree angle down from where that hiker is. My stomach would not let me go farther. Carla hiked to the area that is pictured in the hyperlink. You can see the trail to the immediate left of the hiker’s hat along the far wall. Its about 7.5 miles to a chalet. I wish I was not so vertically challenged. I think I could overcome it, but I would have to work on it everyday in a place like this.


If you turn to the west, this is what you see. Note the line of cars waiting to get into a parking lot that holds about 100. The cars come and go in waves since construction has one-way traffic on the road.

Lastly, we discovered a small cafe outside of the east entrance called Park Cafe. Catchy… Anyway, the food is awesome and the pie is even better. Carla had fresh strawberry and I had a combo blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry pie ala mode. Definitely recommended.


  1. Chuck, if I can get over the fear of heights thing so can you!
    It's beautiful there.

  2. The scenery is getting better every day.

  3. Great photos you guys...I felt cooler just looking at them! I love the snow white goats too...nice and clean - just like all wildlife should be (ha!). D.