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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Many Glaciers


The Many Glacier Hotel and campground is about 20 miles up the road from St. Mary. The entrance road is along a nice long lake with these mountains in the background. For some reason it was a bit hazy, or more likely, crappy photography.


The name is now a misnomer, since this is really the only glacier that is left, Grinnell. See the splitting waterfalls in the middle of the image? That is our destination.


Before we had a chance to park, this grizzly was causing a stir. Fair size at maximum zoom.


There are two valleys that meet here. That mountain is the divider.


There is a chain of three lakes up this valley. Two of the lakes have motorized boats for short cruises. We are going up around the bend on the subtle trail on the right. I figured the boats were air-lifted in.


Another shot of the ever-shrinking glacier.


Lake output equals lake input.


We hiked through some awesome bear habitat, clapping and whistling. You are suppose to carry bear repellant, but we did not. We actually had loudly singing kids for some of the hike. Here is a one hiker load limit suspension bridge.


Our destination, Grinnell Lake, which sits just below Grinnell Glacier. You can hike to the glacier, but it was closed due to bear activity.


I glassed the area for bear and goat activity. I found goat, but no bear.


Here is that bridge again on the way back. The water was flowing quickly.


Some flowers on the return trail on the other side of the lake. This is a portion of the Continental Divide Trail that runs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.

We checked out the campground here, and it was packed. Not a good location for solar collectors due to the trees. On the way back to camp, I needed a canister of propane for the small Weber grill we carry in the rig. I need to do better advance planning since I paid the nine bucks for one canister :(  Tomorrow we move, so hopefully we have Internet.

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  1. We're jealous of all your bear sightings! We did see a moose on a hike in Many Glacier, though.artmorc