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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

McDonald Lake, Glacier NP, MT.


McDonald Lake is quite beautiful, but as you can see there was quite a bit of haze in the atmosphere. The water temperature was a tad cool, but it felt really good since it was around 90 degrees, with a relative humidity of 20% or so. There are a few private cabins along the lake at this end that have been handed down through the generations since the lake originally began drawing permanent residents in the late 1800s.


A bit of zoom. The Going-To-The-Sun road travels along the right side of the lake to that distant ridge on the left side of the image. That is the Garden Wall.


This is the left (north) side of the lake. The fires of 2003 took a toll. The lake was formed by melting glaciers.


If you drive down the road a piece to the Avalanche campground area, you can walk on an elevated boardwalk through a Western Red Cedar forest. These trees are fairly large.


They also have a shallow root structure which makes them relatively easy to blow over.


Carla loved the boardwalk and damp environs.


Mossy rocks…


Another big cedar. Fire has not swept through this area since the 1500s.


The water is SO clear.


From the boardwalk you can hike two miles back to Avalanche Lake. It is not a flat hike. This pic was taken on the edge of an avalanche zone looking into the darker forest. Carla kept thinking lions, tigers, and bears, oh my… I lightened the image up some so that you could see into the forest a bit. It was fairly dark.


Avalanche Lake. There is a smaller lake feeding those waterfalls. If you could find a way, Hidden Lake is several miles off to the left.




After returning from the lake, we traveled up the road some more driving through this tunnel.


A view to the west (left) from the tunnel. Not a great pic, but you get the idea. Fire was here in 2003.


Looking up the valley (north) from the previous pic, and where the road makes a hairpin turn.


Turn around and that is the view with Logan Pass in the middle. You can see where the road traverses the Garden Wall.


The “other” person was driving as this poor little scruffy bear turned back to look to see if he was going to get run over by the crazy Jeep driver who kept yelling Bear, Bear, Bear!  He practically jumped off the edge of the cliff. I properly berated the driver for such nasty tactics.


A nice waterfall to end the day.

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