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Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the road again…


I finished a rehab of our 35 year old deck on the 10th, so we exited the “labor camp” the next day. We are traveling to Glacier NP, taking a longer route up through Minnesota and west across North Dakota and northern Montana. Should be an interesting trip since it will be all new to us. Here is a shot of our first campsite at the Windom, MN city park. Nothing fancy, but quiet.


The park sits along the West Branch of the Des Moines river, which consequently flows about 2 miles north of our house. An original log cabin in the park. I imagine the original owners would not mind the play ground equipment.


Two story? There is a window on the other side, higher up the wall.


We walked up town and discovered this very nice courthouse.


Here is a somewhat better shot. I don’t recall seeing a courthouse using this darker looking stone before. It is quite attractive. Also note Themis, Goddess of Justice on top of the dome.


A century home in Windom, built in 1892.


And the husband’s quarters :)

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