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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two Medicine, Glacier NP, MT.


After leaving St. Mary Campground, we headed south back through Browning to East Glacier. East Glacier is not much, but they do have a nice Amtrak Station, and its a short walk to a very nice and expansive old-style timber lodge. About 12 miles up the road and in the park is the Two Medicine campground. This is an image of the outlet of Two Medicine lake which flows out of a horizontal slot in the rock formation.


After eating breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe in town (awesome omelets and stuffed French toast) we took off on a hike along the south side of the lake. This waterfall was a cool stop along the way.


This was our destination after a 600 foot climb in about a half mile. You can climb that big mountain to my right too. Its only a 2400 feet in three miles.


A better view. Our campground is at the end of the lake where those barely visible white spots are.


A bit closer view. The Continental Divide Trail goes through the campground.


A view of the trail…


An area of weeds…errr…flowers. That tall stuff is Cow Parsnip.


Purtee flowers…

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