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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two Medicine Lake Tour


The next day we decided to do a hike on the north side of the lake. This the view from near the campground as you look west to the Continental Divide. There is a loop around the lake which is a 7.5 mile hike. You cross over to the other side below that mountain in the distance. This side of the lake has a LOT more bear activity. In fact, signs were posted as we begun our hike about the bear hazard. We did see scat, but no bears. Which I think is due to my wonderful “Hey Bear” calling. Carla was ready to turn around at one point, but we ended up doing the entire hike, even though we had originally not planned too.


A nice stream that feed into the lake on the west side. You can ride a motorized boat to the this end and save yourself about 3.5 miles of hiking. For some reason, we did not take more pictures on this hike. Maybe we wanted to keep going and not dally.


There is a nice campground store here that has plenty of beverages to drink and self-serve ice cream too. We were parched after not taking enough water with us, so I selected a local brew root beer and Carla had a huckleberry flavored drink. Both so-so, but the bottles were cool!

This is my backpacking hammock and a perfect piece of gear for a nap. Unfortunately, it was too hot at that spot when Carla took the shot. Several hours later, I was resting in it when we heard LOTS of loud shouting up the trail in the heavy bear active zone. We even heard a shot from what sounded like a pistol. So, I assume some people had some adrenaline pumping…

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