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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, Alberta, Canada


We jumped into the Jeep and drove north into Canada to visit the northern end of Glacier, which is in Canada. After talking to a too serious Canadian Port of Entry officer, we were allowed in. As you travel north, Glacier is to your left and this is what you see as you near the border on Highway 5.


You are now under Canadian law.


Its about another 12 miles to the park.


This is the view as you come down the road to a nice viewing spot of the park below. You are looking west.


You can take a short drive off the main road westward up a river valley. This was after we saw a medium-sized grizzly digging in a hillside with a women trying to get a picture about 40 yards away from it. Sorry, no image of that scene.


After passing Crandall Campground, which looked alright, you come to a nice parking area, restrooms and this small ravine with flowing water. It gets to be about a hundred feet deep up-stream.


You can also hike to a roaring falls.


There is another road that takes you back west and south towards the border and this lake. The border is at the far end, along with grizzlies. But, it is indeed a very nice setting where you can rent canoes or kayaks for $25 an hour.


Of course there is the Prince of Wales Hotel.


Front side…


Inside…sorry about the image, best I could do at the moment. Filet Migon was $28, salad $7, nice dessert $10. Good view though…


A better image of the ceiling fixture. I missed the guys running around in kilts.


Three tiers high…


This would look gorgeous with some snow, and using a better camera.


Backside…pretty decent looking building.


This black bear, which is more cinnamon color was following a jogger down the walkway along the main road into the park. She was not aware of the bear since it was about 400 yards behind her. We quickly turned around and Carla caught the bear nosing in a culvert. There was another female jogger approaching the area as we left in about 250 yards. We wondered if the jogger ended up detouring…

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  1. I think your photos are fab! And talk about bear-a-palooza...I'm impressed you did any hiking after seeing that big grizzly. D.