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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wet North Dakota


North Dakota has had quite a wet spring. Ponds and lakes were full everywhere. We were very surprised at the beauty of the state as we traveled west. Quite enjoyable. It used to be called a duck factory back in the early 1900s, I can see why.




A little above normal…


We were also surprised at the amount of corn and soybeans being grown. I talked to a guy in Michigan and asked him where all the sunflower fields went. Disease wiped them out.


With plenty of water, comes bugs, specifically small white butterflies. We were killing them quite rapidly.


WE DID IT !!  We are now centered!


As neared Williston, the terrain became more hilly and drier. Oil wells and drilling platforms became noticeable. We turned south to take a scenic route along the Missouri River into town. This is the view as you approach.


This is a view of the Missouri River bottom on the southwest side of Williston. We are heading back north after checking out a crappy area to camp. There is still quite a bit of water around, but its not over the road. We passed through Minot on the way here and you could see where the water had really done a number on the place. Some people are just getting back to what is left of their houses now.

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