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Monday, January 27, 2014



Yes, we are back!! I know, I know, its been a coon’s age. Tell you the truth, I fell out of love. Yes, folks, love of taking pictures and writing about it. There is more to it, but heck, its boring. So, we have been racing out of the midwest ahead of a butt-cold airmass. Our home plate had a high today of 1F. The front caught up with us last night while camped in southwest Kansas at Meade SP. Rocked the rig for awhile. This pic is on I-40 just west of Tucumcari. Carla took the shot through the dirty windshield. I tried to talk her into hanging her head out the window, but the temp was around 22F. No guts.


A shot looking north. The vegetation has shifted from crap brown short grass and brownish dirt in the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles to cacti, short greenish-brownish shrubs, near dead Mesquite trees and more golden brownish short grass and reddish dirt. But, the terrain is interesting. Oh, lots more rocks! If I had to live in the panhandles of TX and OK, I would live underground. Just depressing IMO, except for the stratospheric summer thunderstorms!


We left Meade SP before sunrise, so we had been on the road long enough. Thanks to New Mexico State Parks for providing a convenient stopping point at Santa Rosa SP. This is actually a US Corp of Engineers lake. Sorta reddish brown water color, but the lake seemed fairly full! We wanted to travel farther down the road where it was forecast to be warmer, but our butts said otherwise. A low of 10F tonight.


Our lonely campsite with Skye and Pilot. Skye turned 106000 miles just before arriving here. She keeps on rolling.


My better 5/8ths. We had just returned from a two mile walk along the lake. Its about 34F with a breeze. Balmy for us. It will be interesting to see what the morning temp will be in the rig. Stay frosty!

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