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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hanging around Carrizozo


Taking pictures takes power. So, you need a battery charger, and a cable to plug in. I actually looked at the charger cable in the drawer, and wondered what the heck is that for. So, it still is in the drawer, back home. I rigged a fix.


Today we did a short hike through the lava field. Since I look up a lot, I noticed these fine wavy cirrus clouds, probably around 35000 feet. You can see the small puffy development, almost like cumulus streets, but on a much much smaller scale.


This the ropey lava, or pahoehoe (pa-hoy-hoy), Noctice all the colonizing plants. For small animals, mirads of places to hide and stay cool.


Trees actually grow in the field, mostly junipers.


The oldest plants in the field are the junipers, some 400 years old, not the dude though ;)


A sotol plant. Illegal to harvest.


After a snack of chips and salsa, we headed east to check out the mountains, and several small towns. This is a shot back toward the Tularosa Basin with the lava field just beneath the distant mountain range. We are around 7000 feet here.


We continued on to Ruidoso for groceries, which is up in the pine trees near 7500 feet. We then took the road to Fort Stanton and Capitan. Near the fort we saw this cemetery, actually in the middle of nowhere, with two small signs. This is the only stone monument.


It is dedicated to Merchant Marine Veterans. We still could not figure out the link as to why this cemetery was here, in New Mexico, hundreds of miles from anything merchant marine.




This was its original Raison d'ĂȘtre.


…and the connection finally dawned. WWII internment camp, including Axis Merchant Marine.


I believe this is the parade ground, surrounded by buildings. This is looking southeast.


Looking southwest. If you were an Axis prisoner, where would you run to? At this point in your career, why would you even try? On the way back through Capitan, we spotted a recommended eatery, which already had a filling parking lot. Also Capitan is noted for rescuing a badly burned bear cub in 1950, who eventually became known as Smokey and the mascot of the U.S. Forest Service. We did not see any bears, but did note school kids running home with happy faces.


  1. So nice to see you blogging again. Come to Yuma!

  2. Hi you guys! Glad to see you are out of the snow, and pretty much the cold. Lots of good info, Chuck, and I think I parked in the exact same spot at Valley of Fires. Here in Yuma it has cooled down a bit...only 71 today. If you aren't already heading here, you should be! Debbie