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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Las Cienegas Backroads


This is the road back to our campsite. We took about a 2.5 mile hike toward the ranch headquarters for our exercise that morning. It was cool, about 55 degrees, so I had on a pullover. I had my keys zippered in a pocket. By the time I reached the end of the roadway from our campsite, I had taken the pullover off and tossed it near a mesquite tree. After we had hiked another 2 miles, Carla asked if I had the keys. Oh NO, they are in my pullover! To say the least, she was NOT a happy camper! She figured somebody had already taken the pullover and that we would be stuck here. So, we jogged back as fast as we could. No problem, the pullover was still there. Three vehicles had passed us, but I held the faith. I did learn a valuable lesson however.


There are decent gravel/sand roads across the area that allow exploring. This is what we saw after topping a ridge. This is looking eastward.


A view to the south.


Abandoned water pumper.


You can see how the shrubs are expanding up the ridges out of the draws.


I think this is a fantastic photo. Movies were filmed here with many big name stars. Red River, Hombre, The Covvboys, Big Country, Episodes of Bonanza and Gunsmoke, Outlaw Josie Wales, and on and on. Here is a listing. It was a fun afternoon!

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